With the experience of more than 30 years JANSA METAL, S.A., has managed to position as one of the more dynamic companies for the construction of public and private works the persevering work and study of novelties has enabled a regular inclusion of technical and organizational innovations. This gives advantages to manufacturing and assembly process, greater flexibility.

JANSA METAL, S.A. has modern facilities, a young dynamic team and high professional cualification, furthermore of illusion of a whole team specialized in getting a common objective, offer the most suitable solution for each metal construction.

Nevertheless, it's necessary to offer an additional guarantee Jansa's productive process have been certified in compliance with the quality standards ISO 9001 offering the guarantee required in the public constructions whether buildings, traffic infrastructures, rail infrastructures, or any other kind, that are mainly offering in France and Spain.

However, JANSA METAL, S.A is not only specialized in big constructions or projects it also offers it's bespoke products for workshops and for construction companies, as well as for engineering's, architect studies and particular customers.

Concerning to the work approach, the know-how and the highest management level of JANSA METAL, S.A allows to analyze the various economic approaches and structural solutions with the aim of adjust the resources to the requirements and customer possibilities, guaranteeing the best cost to the dimensions of each construction.

As a complement of its products, JANSA METAL, S.A. has its own engineering service that enables to offer a comprehensive service, that can range from preliminary project up to turnkey project , including calculations, manufacturing project, quality control systems, safety, assembly, coordination and maintenance, as well as ensuring maximum efficiency. All the facilities for JANSA customers.

The technical staff of Jansa Metal S.A. supervises and guarantees the manufacture of metal beams and the construction of steel works according to the ISO 9001 standard since 1994.