If the person concerned to work with us please visit our section on human resources.

Historically, the strategic plan of JANSA METAL, maintains a strong commitment to the development of people working in our organization because JANSA METAL is aware that this is a key factor for proper functioning. With this objective, carry out important personal development plans in search of professional success, motivation and improving the talent of our teams.

Do not forget that JANSA METAL is a growing company; specifically, the workforce has increased by 25% in the last two years, and the Strategic Plan of the company plans an expansion both in the country and abroad. This will entail the need to maintain this growth and create huge opportunities for professional development for employees.

It should also be noted that JANSA METAL provides quality employment, ie long-term work with the aim of creating an involved corporate template, fidelizada and in a business project as ambitious as ours.

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