Among the metal structures that JansaMetal offers, canopies are also included, whether to dispose of parking areas or covered spaces. If it is required, they can be closed with walls to provide a hut to keep save garden tools, cars or anything you need.

Jansa Metal manufacturers canopies which can be installed by the same company, or which can be sended anywhere so that it is the customer who handles the installation.

Jansa Metal canopies offer several advantages over other possibilities, in particular with respect to assembling agility and maintenance, easily adaptable to the installation space, versatility of use, and price:

The advantages are mainly due to the fact that they don't require builduing permit.
The installation is immediate, the disadvantages are minimum.
Economically they result very affordable because the structures are produced in series.
The technicians of assembly of Jansa deal with the installation of supports, and the client itself can complete the canopies assembly (placing braces, covers and the walls, if applicable).
The canopies manufacturing is modular; they can have the width, height and cantilever appropriated to the customer needs. (The minimum width for canopies is 5 meters)
Usually the standard solutions are adequate for virtually every need. However, in special cases customized canopies could be manufactured or with specific characteristics for concrete needs.
Jansa has canopies that can be closed with walls, so that you can have a covered space with all guarantees, and most importantly, to install canopies a planning permission is not necessary.

Utilities of Jansa Metal canopies:

  • Parkings of businesses, shopping centers, of ones own ...
  • Material storage which are usually kept outdoors.
  • Covers for private homes and industry.
  • Canopies for the installation of solar energy panels. (Fixed or mobile).

In complement to canopies, and besides the walls, Jansa Metal also offers the possibility to incorporate the necessary supports in order to be used as shelving to store materials sheltered.