Customized construction means providing a tailored service for every individual client. We adapt to the needs and illusions deposited in the industrial warehouse or building without renouncing to the time-price relation provided by the Janspan system.

JANSA METAL, Inc. is a solid company accustomed to the latest technologies in the manufacture of building products. We have a long experience in the construction field, being JANSA METAL, S.A. a prestigious company in this genre known for its high quality demands certified by the ISO 9001 certificate.

The three keys to construct a durable and easily-maintained building are:

1. The structure.
2. The tightness.
3. The pavement.

The structural system is formed by a primary and a secondary structure.

The secondary structures are the straps that support the weight of the roof, climatic disruptions and service surcharges. They transmit these overloads to the primary structure.

The primary structures receive all the burdens arising from the shares in covered and facade, and are responsible for transmitting them to the foundations. Due to the fact that they must withstand dynamic stress, it's very important its perfect bracing, calibration and tightness.