Buildings and steel structures with an incredible flexibility of architectural creation. All this is made ​​possible by the technological capacity of JANSA METAL, S.A. to develop all kinds of solutions in three-dimensional structures and unions, as well as roof and facade cladding.

The possibility to test the structure in 3D models allows the company engineers to find the most effective solutions, eliminating unforeseen problems, ensuring maximum functionality and smooth operation of the buildings, of both buildings and structures of any type.

Janstil provides for defining solutions and mounting systems architectural or artistic structures that can overcome many obstacles, if something can't be built with Janstil, there is hardly any way..

JANSA METAL, S.A. is also aware of the need for companies to have a counseling and additional guarantees. It offers advisory service for Safety Plans developed for architectural constructions using their steels.

To JANSA METAL, SA, safety is paramount, and all projects are developed following the most thorough standards (ISO 9001).