Deck systems for buildings and buildings with metal structures developed by JANSAMETAL, SA, variety of options for building modular roofing for attending to every need of acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as different slope needs.

1) SIMPLE PLATE most economical solution for metal deck systems with simple and secure sealing.

2) JANDWICH Double security, the classical insulation system most widely used, the bottom plate can be perforated for acoustic insulation.

3) JANSAROLL The deck system more economical with vapor barrier and sealing guarantee. Profile 40 mm. with higher strength and better behavior in bigger rainfall thanks to its large wave height.

4) JANSROOF POLYURETHANE Maximum efficiency in isolation for its best heat transfer coefficient and its total absence of thermal bridges. Allows distances between purlins up to 2.5 m.

5) JANSROOF POLYSTYRENE Similar features to the previous with polystyrene insulated.

6) JANSDECK The solution for flat decks (from 1 to 4%) with maximum sealing and with all the advantages of sandwich panel