Facade systems for the construction of buildings with metal structures JANSA METAL, SA, variety modular options for building facades, industrial buildings also for noble buildings and suitable for stone coatings.

The facade systems allow to meet all needs of acoustic and thermal insulation, and must choose one or THE OTHER POSSIBILITY BASING SOLELY ON THE UTILITY OF THE BUILDING FOR its ELECTION.


1) SIMPLE PLATE The most economical solution with simple plate and sealing ensured. Pre Lacquered steel finish.

2) JANSAROLL The cheapest system with vapor barrier and sealing guaranteed. Profile 40 mm. higher strength.

3) JANSALINE Enclosures integrated with plane surface inside, total elimination of purlins. Great bearing capacity up to 9m. Great insulation capacity up to 120 mm.

4) JANSAWICH Allows to delete the view of the intermediate purlins which are integrated in the system. Great insulation capacity. Allows the horizontal position of the outer plate.

5) JANSAWALL BASIC corrugated panel and integrated junctures. A classic

6) JANSAWALL LLIS Micro wavy panel, giving a perfect finish at a fair price.

7) JANSAWALL FORM Totally flat panel, high quality and secure sealing, ideal for nobles facades.