JANSA METAL has developed the most competitive and efficient system of 3D steel structure of market.

The new JANSPACE3D, allows the construction of mesh spatial structures in three dimensions, which ofer advantages as the construction of lighter structures without loosing resistance, which allow cutting-edge architectural designs at incredible costs.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of spatial structures, JANSPACE3D stands out for its technical advantages, since they allow the distribution of mobile loads, and the industrial process of production of bars and nodes ensuring the quality and uniformity of the whole structure with a accuracy of +-1mm. Avoiding improvisations while on the go, and the problems such as slowing the entire system, increase costs and other consequences of not following the initial project.

JANSPACE3D structures, are developed with all guarantees, and the metal used in its development receives all necessary treatments to ensure durability of the structures:

  • Blasting SA 2 ½
  • Thermo-coated with 20 years of guarranty.
  • Hot dip galvanized (optional).

JANSPACE3D structures, are especially suitable for the sustenance of covers, being able to be used as support of all of the enclosures of facilities. (particularly suitable if the exterior of the building should be a glass surface).

As regards to the project development, JansaMetal can deal with all parts of the constructive process the client sees fit: from the entire process, from project development until the installation, or only the manufacturing of structures and dispatch to destination indicated to be the customer who takes charge of installation.