Metal shelves are one more of the articles that Jansa Metal can offer for your business.

The main advantage that our company can offer with respect to the manufacture and installation of shelves, is that its structure is adaptable to the space and the needs of the use to ehich it is destinated.

From box storage racks or pallets (with reduced basis, and which therefore require a smooth surface along its length), to the storage rack bar and objects of considerable length.

An additional advantage offered by JANSA METAL shelves, is offering the possibility of including a canopy in the upperpart, enabling outdoor installation, as it provides protection from sun and rain to items stored in them. These canopies can have a considerable length, and can act as a porch, and therefore serve as a parking lot with a small storage room.

JANSA METAL, in addition to extremely competitive prices it also offers personalized service in all aspects.

If the customer wishes, he can provide his project to our company and receive assessment about the material only. In that way, the customer is the one who deals with installation. If the customer wants, he can also receive full assessment of the development and installation of the structure