The construction of lofts with metal structure is the easiest and cheapest formula of gaining space leveraging the volume of your shop, industrial warehouse or establishment. This is one more of the services that JANSA METAL can offer to your company, business or property, either as a part in the construction of industrial buildings or houses, or to adapt to new needs of buildings constructed long ago, or for the fitting of commercials or offices.

Frequently industrial warehouses and establishments tend to have a greater height than the one which is actually used. This allows the construction of mezzanines, by means of which we get to increase the area available as we create new spaces where you can place either an office, a larger store to keep items of lower turnover, meeting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or for any other use.

As JANSA METAL is specialized in the construction with metal structures (from buildings to small structures such as shelving or canopies for parking or highways). Besides the possibility of including finishes and security measures appropriate to each installation (paving, railings, doors and other elements) in mezzanines projects special needs can be taken into account, such as greater separation between columns (to dispose a light more or less wide) regardless of the load to be supported by the loft.

JANSA METAL can occupy of the entire structure: the mezzanine, access stairs, and if necessary even of the closures.

However, the participation of JANSA METAL in construction projects of mezzanines, can also be limited to the preparation of the beams and anchors of the structure to be sent anywhere in the world. In that way the team of a company contracted by the customer would be the one to deal with the assembly of metal structures of the lofts.